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Our Services

If you have BCBS or Cigna plans as your health insurance provider, your plan likely covers up to 6 in-home lactation consultations with us at no cost to you.  Please complete The Lactation Network form to verify your lactation coverage.


If you have another insurance provider, we will give you a bill with diagnosis codes and other necessary information so that you can apply to your insurance company asking for reimbursement.  Reimbursement is not guaranteed and payment is due at the time of service.  

Mother Baby Bonding


We can come to your home for hands on help. By coming to you, we can see how you and your baby are breastfeeding in your own environment. This can help us to make appropriate recommendations that can work for your family. The consultation will last 1 to 1.5 hours and include weight checks for your baby. This also includes follow-up texting / phone chats to modify the breastfeeding care plan. The fee for this is $175-200 (ask us for pricing) and $225 for twins or covered by insurance.  


We encourage good breastfeeding preparation before your baby arrives. We highly encourage taking our breastfeeding class. However, some families benefit from additional, personalized preparation.  In these cases, we can do a prenatal consultation either in-person or virtually to address your specific questions and concerns and we will develop a plan that works for you to implement once your baby arrives. The fee for our prenatal consultation is $100 (virtual), $150 (in-person) or covered by insurance.  


WE offer a Prenatal breastfeeding class. These are private classes to meet your needs. Maybe you had a less than perfect experience with another baby, maybe this is your first baby, or maybe you are adopting a baby. 

Call to schedule a time to meet with an IBCLC for private class and a plan to meet your needs. 


Baby cafe Support Group- FREE GROUP CLASS  for moms and moms-to-be. Pregnant and Breastfeeding families are invited to drop in and connect with  other breastfeeding families. During this time, the lactation consultant (IBCLC) is available to assist with breastfeeding concerns and provide infant weight checks.

EVERY Tuesday


No appointment is needed

3906 W. Friendly Avenue

Westminister Presbyterian Church

(parking and entrance in the back)

336-255-8311 text or call Linda

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